It’s time for a gift!!

It’s the final countdown for my vacations! And Portugal is waiting for me! oh yeah!
I’m very happy! And because of that, you can be the lucky one to win a super nice present from US! What do you think? Isn’t that cool?:)
So the deal is:

1. Leave a comment on this post! And don’t forget to add your e-mail and the city that you live.

2. Jump on over to soblushed facebook page* and hit that “Like” button!

3. I’ll accept entries until August 8th (till 12pm PT, 7pm USA-east) when I’ll randomly choose a winner (


PS: If for a chance an international reader wins this contest, great!I will send you a portuguese gift instead!

*Check my page, yeah! I’m really enjoying uploading  photos there from my everyday. It’s been my dear diary:) I hope you will like it too!


24 thoughts on “It’s time for a gift!!

  1. Que oportunidade fantástica! Claro que quero participar!
    Já coloquei like no facebook e caso seja a vencedora o e-mail é o, Lisboa -Portugal.
    Obrigada por o comentário, gosto imenso aqui do teu blogue e não poderia deixar escapar o sorteio!

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