Rubber ducks race: sweeet!

Thousands of rubber ducks racing into the river, I mean, in the canal?! So cool, right?

Last weekend I went with my friends to this Duck Race, that is an original fundraising event. So, lots of people came out to enjoy the sunshine and have fun. The idea is very simple: you bet  in how many rubber ducks you want (which means, you pay for each one), willing to win a car!! or some nice other prizes (I would be very glad if I won the 8th prize that was a ‘one burrito a week for a year’ ;)). Note: you cannot bring the racer duck/s with you. But if you want you can have a special duck as a souvenir! 😉
It seems that americans have a lot of these charities events: marathons, duck races, charity balls, galas! Extra points for US!
As you can imagine, all the american festivals have funnel cakes (like the portuguese ‘farturas’) and hotdogs, cool music and some entertainment (a playground for kids, hula hoops, etc) . Everyone was there, even the flying squirrels (baseball team) mascot and his friends! lol
I think this is an awesome idea for Aveiro, my hometown! The ducks could race on the ‘ria’.. We just need a dumpster and a crane.. and thousands of rubber ducks!
But, before you plan something like that, make sure that you have a brilliant idea to help the ducks to reach the final! lol They would need an extra-help 😉



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4 thoughts on “Rubber ducks race: sweeet!

    • foi mm mt engraçado!3,2,1 e splash: milhares de patos!!
      este tipo de eventos é mt popular aqui.já vi que o proximo sera com snoopys de plastico p ajudar uma instituição para crianças desfavorecidas 😉

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