Watermelon festival

My american summer is almost finishing..oh! 😦 and you know why? because I’m going to Portugal for a couple of weeks! oh yeah,babe! I’m super, super excited!
But, hold on JB! Now, just enjoy the God blessed summer! 😉
I thought I could show you guys some pictures from today’s Watermelon festival! So, what do we have? Music (different stations, different types of music), food, clothes, handicraft and tons of watermelon cubes served on plastic dishes. Perfect for a hot day like today! You see, as simple as it is! This festival took place in Carytown that reminds me our portuguese downtown, full of stores. I ❤ Carytown!

Kiss, kiss

PS: I’m thrilled to know who is going to win the giveaway! Is tomorrow!! Are you ready?


5 thoughts on “Watermelon festival

    • podes crer!eles são mt espertalhoes, basta arranjarem um tema e tamtam:festa!! gosto disto! 😉
      Hei Hella, participa no meu giveaway, podes ganhar uma coisinha aqui dos states.. ainda vais a tempo!

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