You ‘betta’ leave your brains at home!!

“The 7th annual RIchmond Zombie Walk: it’s a sight to behold as dozens and dozens of the walking dead take a leisurely stroll through Carytown. Bring your camera and a baseball bat, you never know when they might get hungry.”
This was the excuse for going out with 40ºF, I translate for you: 4ºC, ridiculously cold!!! Well, it’s perfect for the zombies, they can stay dead and the chance of being melted is almost zero. And you have to agree with me, zombie parade is much better in a cloudy, deadly day than a hot summer and fresh day! lol I think they played very well the character, and definitively the cold helped! *evil laugh*
Are you prepared to see creeeeepy photos?



11 thoughts on “You ‘betta’ leave your brains at home!!

  1. OMG! Tá demais, Jo!! Quem me dera ter visto, parece ter sido espectacular!! 😀
    Mal posso esperar pelas fotos do Halloween… 🙂

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