And more Halloween!! May I?

Guys, I’m sorry… but I couldn’t resist in posting more Halloween photos. I already posted about the candies and ‘franchising’, the zombies and now, of course, the houses! Houses FULL of decorations…breathing IT’S HALLOWEEN TIME!! It’s really amazing! And again, here it’s like the movies! They really commemorate Halloween, they do have the trick or treat (I hope next year I can photograph some costumed kids with their baskets full of candies 🙂 )!
I have to say that these cute houses are perfect for decorating because they have this nice front porches and little yards.. Oh, I’m in love!

PS: Extra scores for the blood fountain! 😀


6 thoughts on “And more Halloween!! May I?

  1. é preciso muita criatividade, mesmo!!!!
    Para os garotos deve ser mesmo uma festa na rua… tudo respira Halloween!
    Continuas a tirar belíssimas fotos! Parabéns! 🙂

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