a special place..

Death is a delicate subject; it happens to everyone, yet we rarely discuss it. Gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, political preferences or social status are irrelevant. Bottom line: we all die.
My journey here in the U.S., away from my family and friends, is giving me extra time to think… I’ve been thinking about my beloved ones and how much I miss them and also about my life: what I built so far and what I’m able to do in the future – and yes, it’s quite stressful. But you know, sometimes you need to put your life in perspective and check if you are living it the way you want or if you are following the right path…
Last weekend, I went to an ancient cemetery, dated 1849, here in Richmond. It’s a big, big rural garden with a lot of holly trees, that’s why is called Hollywood Cemetery. The cemetery is placed on a hill and it has a magnificent view of the river. wow! It was a great day for meditation…



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2 thoughts on “a special place..

  1. Somehow you were able to express that feeling through the photos!… Congrats! I felt that harmony too, just watching those photos! 🙂

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