The magnificient Jefferson Hotel

Hey everyone!
I’m back!..back on track! As you can imagine, my vacations were perfect, f**king perfect! Family, friends and boyfriend; beach,food and sun!! I just need to gather the photos all together, pick the best of, and I’ll make a post of it 😉
But first, I would like to share with you some photos from 5 star hotel The Jefferson, just a couple of blocks from my apartment. It’s very luxurious and unique, inside and out! Unfortunately I didn’t have the lucky to actually stay a night, but this summer, me and my friends had a sneak peak on the lobby and main salon.
The Jefferson opened its doors in 1895, and the responsible was Lewis Ginter, he commissioned the design and construction. He imported exotic palm trees from Central and South America and purchased hundreds of valuable antiques here and abroad. Unfortunately, he died less than two years later. In 1901, the hotel was accidentally burned down, demolishing three-fifths of the building. Although the interior of the hotel looked very different from the original, it was reopened in 1907.
One thing very curious about the decoration is the alligators that you can find everywhere, representing the actual alligators that usually lived in the marble pools in the Palm Court, becoming a source of much interest.
I have a friend that stayed in The Jefferson at her wedding night and she said that the breakfast was magnificent!
I hope you enjoy!*


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Mother Nature, please be gentle!

I have my luggage near from me and I’m just waiting for the taxi to go to the airport.

Before I leave for my vacations, I thought I could share with you some pictures that I took last monday, after a mini-storm. This weather here is really funny: it’s so humid that sometimes the sky needs to unload!! Imagine this for a second: the temperatures start to rise, as well as humidity; it’s like, you sweat as you stand outside doing nothing (iac!) and you it seems that the sky is heavier! Suddenly, the storm begins: thunderstorms, lightnings and heavy rain!You better stay at home 😉 Don’t try to fight with nature, you will end up completely wet (Nature: 1; you:0), I can assure that! Anyway, usually the storm is “fast and furious” and the recovery is fast too. Sometimes I wake up, after a bad night of storms, and it’s like nothing really happened.
So, where was I? Oh, yeah monday! Last monday, after a quick storm the skies turn out like this. Is not amazing? I didn’t edit the photos, at all! What you see is what I saw!

kiss, kiss


PS: I’ll be back just in September with more adventures in uncle Sam’s territory, missing my Portugal. But at least I have you 😉

Congratulations to…

Parabéns Inês! Foste a feliz contemplada 😉 em breve receberás um e-mail, fico à espera da tua rsp.

Se ainda não conhecem o blog da I.S. passem por lá (cliquem na imagem), mt nice! e sempre com bom gosto! 😉
Sei que devem tar com curiosidade para saber afinal o que é a surpresa..mas, vão ter que esperar mais um pouco, ok? Logo que chegar a PT trato de lhe enviar o pacote e depois aí, mostro o que lhe ofereci (I’m shooting right now the gift!).

Obrigada a todas as participantes! Quem sabe se não farei outro passatempo qd voltar a PT (gosto disto!).

Ah! Espero que estejam a gostar do meu blog, pelo menos eu estou-me a divertir 😉

Kiss, kiss


Watermelon festival

My american summer is almost finishing..oh! 😦 and you know why? because I’m going to Portugal for a couple of weeks! oh yeah,babe! I’m super, super excited!
But, hold on JB! Now, just enjoy the God blessed summer! 😉
I thought I could show you guys some pictures from today’s Watermelon festival! So, what do we have? Music (different stations, different types of music), food, clothes, handicraft and tons of watermelon cubes served on plastic dishes. Perfect for a hot day like today! You see, as simple as it is! This festival took place in Carytown that reminds me our portuguese downtown, full of stores. I ❤ Carytown!

Kiss, kiss

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Rubber ducks race: sweeet!

Thousands of rubber ducks racing into the river, I mean, in the canal?! So cool, right?

Last weekend I went with my friends to this Duck Race, that is an original fundraising event. So, lots of people came out to enjoy the sunshine and have fun. The idea is very simple: you bet  in how many rubber ducks you want (which means, you pay for each one), willing to win a car!! or some nice other prizes (I would be very glad if I won the 8th prize that was a ‘one burrito a week for a year’ ;)). Note: you cannot bring the racer duck/s with you. But if you want you can have a special duck as a souvenir! 😉
It seems that americans have a lot of these charities events: marathons, duck races, charity balls, galas! Extra points for US!
As you can imagine, all the american festivals have funnel cakes (like the portuguese ‘farturas’) and hotdogs, cool music and some entertainment (a playground for kids, hula hoops, etc) . Everyone was there, even the flying squirrels (baseball team) mascot and his friends! lol
I think this is an awesome idea for Aveiro, my hometown! The ducks could race on the ‘ria’.. We just need a dumpster and a crane.. and thousands of rubber ducks!
But, before you plan something like that, make sure that you have a brilliant idea to help the ducks to reach the final! lol They would need an extra-help 😉



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some color block on the streets?

Hey guys!!

I’m very excited to show you these photos that I took this afternoon because these Victorian houses are a-do-ra-ble!
I always thought that white was a good and wise choice to paint the exterior walls of a house, or maybe beige too. I never thought  of painting them in bright colors. I mean, it’s very tricky to paint a concrete wall with turquoise, pink or even lime. Especially because it seems that the colors painted over concrete tend to standout! And well, that is not good! And it’s easy to look cheap and vulgar, in opposite of being cool and stylish.
But here, the colors look so nice and elegant! They used different materials to build their houses (which helps the color to be absorbed), they have cute front porches with lovely chairs, outstanding doors and some cool details.The Victorian style rocks! What do you think?

It’s hard to pick my favorite.. But I definitely like the front door with a fancy color!



It’s time for a gift!!

It’s the final countdown for my vacations! And Portugal is waiting for me! oh yeah!
I’m very happy! And because of that, you can be the lucky one to win a super nice present from US! What do you think? Isn’t that cool?:)
So the deal is:

1. Leave a comment on this post! And don’t forget to add your e-mail and the city that you live.

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3. I’ll accept entries until August 8th (till 12pm PT, 7pm USA-east) when I’ll randomly choose a winner (


PS: If for a chance an international reader wins this contest, great!I will send you a portuguese gift instead!

*Check my page, yeah! I’m really enjoying uploading  photos there from my everyday. It’s been my dear diary:) I hope you will like it too!

‘Casa Portuguesa’?..that’s for sure!

You definitely have to try our ‘caldo verde’, our green soup! Is one of the signature dishes of Portuguese cuisine. This soup is very popular among the portuguese and I think is hard to not to like! Since is a hearty and light meal it can be consumed before a main course. Now, in the summer, ‘caldo verde’ is usually the first course and then is the grilled sardines or grilled pork and beef spare-ribs, with simple baked potatoes, bread and/or broa (portuguese cornbread) and a huge bowl of lettuce, tomatoes and grilled peppers salad.. 😀

Although this classic Portuguese soup is simple to make, it requires the highest quality ‘chouriço’. I found this ‘chouriço’ in my supermarket but it seems that I have to do another trip to New Jersey to buy portuguese goodies: ‘chouriço’ and dry cod fish is mandatory! 😉

When preparing this soup make sure that the kale is cut into extremely fine slices; that’s what creates the soup’s distinctive character.

These are the ingredients that you are going to need! Well, it’s not the traditional ‘caldo verde’ but the idea is doing a white broth (classically with potatoes and onions) with sliced ‘chouriço’ and kale 😉




And now imagine a bowl of this comforting soup with a slice of ‘broa’…

Happy birthday US!


Today is 4th of July: the day when americans declared independence from the british empire. United States of America celebrates 235 years of life. What a young country, if you compare with my nice and old Europe (Portugal was founded in 868 but the conventional date for the independence is 1139) 🙂
What people do on this holiday? Fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games, family reunions, political speeches and ceremonies. Cool!
Well, my first 4th of July wasn’t quite like that. I didn’t saw the fireworks, but we have had a lot of storms and lightnings these days (this is really a funny and strange weather!) hehe.
So, what I did? The RVA Critical Mass (Fun Community Bike Ride) created a event with the topic ‘Put the fun between your legs’ 😉 The route was very nice, in the way that we could hit 3 main areas from Richmond. We ended in the river (north side): nice and quite! Just my bike, friends and nature!..


Festivals equals summer time!!

Hello Summer!!
Here you are! We are very glad that you came but we have a couple of things to say to you. For now on is absolutely mandatory having:

  • spectacular mornings with bright sun, right when we need to wake up.
  • perfect sunsets to spend with our lovely ones
  • long days spending with our friends on a BBQ: eating nice food, fresh salads, colorful fruits,…and drinks to make us spirituals 😉
  • warm and pleasant afternoons (after 4pm :)) on the beach playing some soccer, volley or simply walking, and swimming, swimming on the water (not too cold, not too jacuzzi)
  • perfect vacations with our friends with a lot of adventures to talk of…and laugh of!
  • cool and crazy family lunches
  • festivals: music festivals, food festivals, dog festivals, friends festivals 😀
  • Italian ices, frozen yoghurts, ice creams,..

What do you want for this Summer?


P.S.: This past weekend I went to a Veggie festival in Bryan Park (Richmond,VA). Me and my friends bike there and we simply enjoyed the food, music and nature. Look at some pictures that I took.